FII is a proud supporter of the following charitable organizations:


Sense International (registered charity no: 1076497), the only UK charity focused on building services for deaf and blind people in developing countries. 


Lifelines International Fund for Education (Registered charity no: 1136839), a UK based organization that invests funds in education and training projects for people from disadvantaged backgrounds, mainly in India.

Phola (registered charity no 167-131 NPO) an organisation that strives to reach to people who experienced hardship, trauma and psychosocial challenges in disadvantaged communities in South Africa

Pan is an intercultural arts organisation dedicated to the exploration of cultural diversity through the arts and how such work can inspire and implement social change.  Pan helps its participants find a voice through drama, dance, music, writing and film. We work with people from all cultures and religions to encourage a world where we respect and understand each others’ lives, discovering the possibilities of our rich diversity.